Change the global settings for your email template

When you're editing your email template in Inkbrush, you can modify your template's global settings, including the background color, top margin, image quality, and text styles.

  1. Click . The global settings for your email template are displayed.
  2. To add a title that will appear in title bar of your email (if your email is opened in a separate browser tab or window), in the Title tag field, enter a title.
  3. To add preview text that will appear after the subject line in the recipient's inbox, in the Preheader text field, enter the preview text.
  4. To change the background color of the cell, to the right of the Background color field, click . Then, specify a color, and click Done.
    Note: Inkbrush automatically recommends background colors based on the colors already in your email template. However, you can manually select a color by doing either of the following:
    • Click , and choose a color using the color picker.
    • In the text box provided, enter a hex value for a color.
  5. To adjust the top margin, in the Top margin field, enter the new pixel value.
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